Eurocell Wood Products Ltd

Specialising in Douglas fir framing / kiln dried H1.2 treated / lintels, beams and wides.

Douglas fir products are manufactured in our sawmill located in Nelson New Zealand. Our logs are supplied by local forestry companies who grow Douglas fir trees in sustainable plantation forests around the Tasman area.

Under Eurocell ownership the business has fine-tuned its operations and focuses solely on Douglas fir production. We are always striving to produce a quality wood product and this has been achieved through an extensive program of upgrading equipment, attaining national verification standards and ongoing staff training programs.

We have a positive workforce at Eurocell which has adapted well to extensive changes made since 2014. We are now a site focused on producing a quality timber product range as efficiently and intelligently as possible. This gives our staff a safer working environment. In moving the industry forward the company has also taken into account the environmental improvements.

Douglas fir is a highly regarded timber preferred for its superior strength, toughness, durability and decay resistance.

When you build with Douglas fir you can be sure you are choosing a popular material with inherent natural advantages.

“A truly superior building material, one of nature’s best.”