Eurocell Wood Products

Eurocell Wood Products is a privately owned company based in Nelson, New Zealand.

Our History

The owner of Eurocell Wood Products Ltd has an association with timber going back to his involvement with the logging industry in New Zealand's South Island. He successfully farmed, and owned several other businesses before an opportunity arose to take over a small timber frame and truss plant in Christchurch.  With a hands-on approach and practical analysis of operational processes plus enhancements to mechanical systems, the frame and truss manufacturing operation thrived. Investment in up to date technology and equipment allowed further development, requiring larger premises to keep pace with increased demand.

In 2006, with frame and truss production levels increasing a decision was made to secure framing supplies. The business purchased Moutere Timber, situated on the outskirts of Nelson, producing Douglas Fir framing, lintels and beams.

In June 2014 the company took over the operations of Waimea Sawmill in Tahunanui Nelson, to further increase production. The new business trading as Eurocell Wood Products focuses solely on milling and processing Douglas Fir. The old Moutere sawmill was mothballed and the resources of the two mills were combined and supply of logs was secured making the new business the region's sole producer of Douglas Fir timber products.

The company attributes success to the investment in machinery, technology, quality control and the focus of the owner on continually improving productivity to maximise returns.

The company has built a solid reputation by striving to achieve consistent quality, through product verification and industry compliance, sourcing and retaining experienced skilled people as well as streamlining and enhancing systems.

The company has an unwavering vision of becoming a key market leader and will reinforce this by:

Ensuring quality product is produced and delivered on time.
Maintaining a leading status in structural timber solutions.
Building relationships and trust with our customers through competitive pricing, education, industry experience and exceeding their expectations.
Ensuring the brand is linked with quality and reliability.