Douglas fir

Douglas fir, NZ Oregon is a highly regarded timber preferred for its superior strength, toughness, durability and decay resistance.

When you build with Douglas fir you can be sure you are choosing a popular material with inherent natural advantages that come from a sustainable plantation forest programme with the environmental benefits.

Douglas fir is an excellent high quality framing timber that is especially ideal for frames and roof trusses. Higher grade options can give better structural solutions.

Douglas fir has a high natural resistance to moisture and decay. It is also very stable, will stay straight making it an ideal first choice product for framing, trusses and rafters. Its steady nature and strong characteristics help prevent movement in building structures and ensures a cleaner finish for interior linings.


Why you should use Douglas fir as your product of choice

  • Douglas fir is a natural product from a renewable resource.
  • Higher natural resistance to decay.
  • Douglas fir framing is very straight and stays that way throughout the manufacturing process which will give the end user straight walls and trusses saving time and cost on the job.
  • Its strength makes it an ideal product to achieve higher grade options giving you better structural building solutions and options.  
  • It is a very durable product in its untreated form and will accept H1.2 boron treatment for added protection.
  • It is a versatile product which is excellent for a range of structural, appearance and utility end use applications either kiln dried or wet.


“A truly superior building material, one of nature’s best.”



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